Advantages and Disadvantages of Taking an Online Course

The digital age has brought us distance learning in its most advanced technological form. Thanks to the rapid development of information technology, online delivered courses have won out over mail correspondence courses due to its speed and reliability. Colleges offering online learning or “e-learning” have drawn many students to take courses or complete degrees via the Internet.

E-learning gives students the freedom to learn in a virtual environment. Students will love a course in miracles the opportunity of working classes around their busy schedule. They do not have to request time off from work or lose quality time with the family. Since classes are conveniently available in the comfort of their work or home, they save a great amount of time and money from the average daily commute to a traditional class. Furthermore, students can attend classes, and not worry about proper attire.

However, taking an online course is not for everyone. With its convenience and flexibility comes considerable responsibility. The amount of time management could be burdensome yet manageable. Fortunately, some colleges offer courses designed to help students succeed in this endeavor. The lack of physical interaction between students and instructors make it a solitary activity. If the student is willing to adapt to this learning, web-based enterprise software systems resolve this issue through online communication. These virtual learning systems make it a reality for interaction through email, discussion boards, or chat rooms. Surprisingly, this might be challenging to students who are getting familiar with information technology.

While an ongoing debate continues on the knowledge obtained from traditional classes versus distance learning, one undeniable fact remains. Success comes with self-discipline, motivation, and the amount of determination a student puts into it. E-learning continues to be popular among busy professionals, stay-at-home parents, and military service members. The opportunity to eliminate barriers of time and geographic locations far outweigh the disadvantages of e-learning.

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