How Do Girls Play Hard To Get?

I bet that the reason for you to read this is because most probably you have met girls who play hard to get before. This is not unusual, as playing hard to get is a common tactic used by girls on guys.

Many girls still feel that by taking the initiative will make them feel very loose and cheap. This will result in them waiting for guys to take action, and in some worse cases, even after the guy has taken action, a girl will still play hard to get with him so as to not make him think that she is easy to get.

Guys are very straightforward creatures. They do not like to play games when it comes to relationships. Sometime by playing hard to get, things may get backfired. A guy will think that he has no chance and therefore will leave and look for other girls.

So the ability to differentiate between a girl who is just playing hard to get and a girl call girls in islamabad who does not have any interest at all for you is very important here. Let us discuss some possible scenarios whereby a girl is most probably playing hard to get with you.

1. After a first date out with a girl, you do not receive any text or contact from her. No text, no phone call, etc. This will make you very confused as the both of you have hell lots of fun that night. In this scenario, the girl is most probably playing hard to get with you. Girl will usually NOT make the first move of contacting the guy after a date. So if you really want to bring a step further between you and her, do take the initiative to call her. If after many dates and you are still getting no calls whatsoever from her, you should move on.

2. The second scenario will be inside a pub, and let say that you have spotted a very attractive girl. Both of you exchange some eye contact, but after a while when you look over to her direction, she looks away and does not give you any attention at all. If you find that she still does give you a few glances when you are not looking at her, you should pick up your courage and approach her.

These are just a few common scenarios that a girl is most probably playing hard to get with you. Do remember, when you know that she is playing hard to get, you still need to retain your pride. Do not think that because she is playing hard to get with you, you must do things that will bring your pride down. You can turn the table around, if you know how and why they play it.

Find out what are the reasons behind women playing hard to get, and how you can turn the tables against them now!


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