How to Choose Comfortable Tungsten Wedding Bands

Some of the obvious things to pay attention to are the shape tungsten rings of the tungsten wedding band, the thickness of the band, and width of the ring. The outside shape of the ring is probably the single most important factor. For maximum comfort, a tungsten wedding band that is rounded or domed shaped on the outside is best. This is because there are no sharp edges resting against the fingers on either side of the ring finger. Some people like flat pipe cut design rings, but the edges of these rings could irritate the fingers on either side of the ring finger due to the non-tapered edges of this ring style. If one absolutely loves this style of ring, but want to ensure maximum comfort, one can always make sure the edges are rounded. This will be more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Another option is to get a flat shape ring, but with beveled edges. This style makes the edges tapered, kind of like a domed shape ring, but not rounded. This type of style gives the rings more lines, is a flat style, but will not have protruding edges that could be uncomfortable.

Many tungsten carbide rings, especially cheap ones, are made with poor craftsmanship. One of the consequences of poor craftsmanship is ring thickness. The manufacturer did not want to take the time to machine the ring to a thickness that is thick enough so the ring will not crack or break easily, yet thin enough so it will be comfortable to wear. In general, a size 10.0 8 mm wide tungsten wedding band for men should not be more than 2.3 mm thick. Too thick and the ring will feel bulky and uncomfortable. Too thin and the edges will feel sharp and cut into the finger.

The third factor to consider is the width of a tungsten wedding band. Tungsten rings come in a great variety of widths these days; from 2 mm to 20 mm wide. Most men will wear 8 mm wide and women tend to choose 4 mm. Wider bands can become uncomfortable unless they are made with comfort fit, which means the inside is rounded to slide on and off the finger with ease. Some guys who are not used to wearing jewelry opt for a 4 mm ring. It is perfectly fine for men to wear a 4 mm. There is no rule that says only women can wear 4 mm rings.

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