Induced Abortion Is Ending a Pregnancy

Induced abortion involves the elimination of the fetus from the womb of a mother. It is performed through surgery or by use of medicine. This can happen either spontaneously or through induction. A miscarriage refers to a spontaneous abortion. Induced abortion on the other hand is stimulated. There are two types of abortion; elective and therapeutic abortion. Elective abortion is whereby a woman chooses to get rid of a pregnancy for her own reasons other than medical. Therapeutic abortion is the one recommended by medical personnel to preserve the life or health of the mother. Induced abortion is a very personal decision that lies in the mother. In the United States, it happens to be the most performed medical procedure. Up to 40% of women will undergo
it in their lifetime.

Abortion is most common among the young women. Most of them find themselves in a dilemma after falling victim to unplanned pregnancies. These are young women in school, college, or working and they decide not to keep the pregnancy. A majority of white women Cytotec cochabamba also abort. Another category of women associated with most abortions is the unmarried. They may not want to raise a child out of wedlock and therefore opt to abort. The poor women also find themselves in this predicament since they feel that they do not have the right finances to raise a baby. Other women who abort are those over the age of 40. They may fear bringing up a child at this age owing to the fact that many pregnancy and babies got after forty years of age may develop health defects. In the United States, the Supreme Court first legalized it in 1973. The United States reports up to 1.2 million abortions yearly.

The world statistics show that up to 30 million legal abortions happen yearly. At the same time, illegal abortions amounting to 20 million yearly happen in various parts of the world. Illegal abortions are crude and it is important to note that many women loose their lives. This happens in countries where abortion is illegal. In the United States, such cases are unknown since legalizing abortion has made it safe. Menstrual extraction refers to the elimination of a pregnancy at a very early stage. At this point, it can be done using drugs or through a surgical procedure. Pregnancies that are 14 weeks old are aborted through a procedure that involves suction and dilatation. All pregnancy after 14 weeks is aborted through dilatation and evacuation.

A 20-week pregnancy is removed through saline infusion, labor induction, hysterectomy or through dilation and extraction. Medical abortion refers to drug induced abortions. It is characterized by the use of a single pill or a series. This method is between 75 and 95% successful and most women opt for it. In medical abortion, the risk of damage to the uterus and cervix is eliminated. Surgical abortion may cause such due to the use of surgical instruments. In medical abortion, the woman undergoes heavy bleeding similar to a heavy menstrual period. It is advisable to see a doctor to ensure that the procedure is complete. Legalizing abortion would eliminate deaths caused by unsafe abortions.

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