Social Media Users and Their Allies

People have been using social media for a long time already and social media monitoring has been trending. It must be clear to a lot of people who the users are, but let’s still break it down to three categories, and know the first thing that they could do with it to become renown.


Let’s admit it – those who mostly use social media today are entrepreneurs, or simply, businesses. All industries can use it and, amazingly, in so many different ways. If you fall into this category, the first thing that you should do is NOT to make an account or profile/page in ALL social networking sites. If you’re running a business, then it means that you have your own target market. It goes down to this: know where your target market are, in which social networking sites are they present and then create your account. You should get the point – if you target retirees, or let’s say, older people, you won’t go to Tumblr instantly, right? Start-ups should definitely learn what social marketing is first, and then plan ahead. Go to Mashable or Social Media Today, you can find more bunch of articles relating to it. Learn it first. Using social media as a marketing tool can be crucial because the brand and reputation of your business depends on it.


Speaking of reputation; who else need to take care of it but celebrities, right? If you’re one of those famous celebrities reading this or those soon-to-be superstars, then you probably have accepted the fact that you will be talked about, always, in many social networking sites. You must know the  Instagram volgers kopen  too, because it can help you learn what people think about you. The best that you can do is to always sound positive in your status posts and also look reputable in photos. It must be really hard for some celebrities to hide all throughout the world of social networks, but I think there are few ones who don’t have Twitter accounts. Others prefer to really dominate a lot of social networking sites in a good way to serve their fans and probably become famous even more.

Typical Individuals

Typical individuals include common people like students, researchers, writers, bloggers, love-seeking people, internet addicts, and so on. To distinguish them from the two categories above, their main goal is just to search for their interests (photos, text posts, etc.) without the purpose of earning money (some bloggers do want to earn, but not all). It’s either they just want to learn something, interact with their friends, meet someone new or join interesting discussions and groups. If you’re just one common user of social media, then the thing that you should do with it is make it a source of knowledge and happiness. Some common individuals who make use of social media wisely also have their opportunities to become famous online and in the real world afterwards, which makes them part of the second category – celebrities.

Who are their allies?

Below are different ways, resources or people who help social media users to become successful:

  • Social Media Consultants: Hire and learn from the individual experts. They can provide you strategies that work best and they can definitely teach you how to do them.
  • Hire a full-time employee, preferably a Social Media Specialist.
  • Freelancers/Virtual Assistants: They can also be your consultant and an outsourced employee. Tasks related to social networking seem to be one of the most commonly posted job on oDesk and other online outsourcing platforms. In line with it, a lot of freelancers also have the required skills a Social Media Specialist has.
  • The Internet: Google definitely has a lot to offer – from resources, articles, videos to anything! You can join forums and learn from the experienced social networking marketers as well.
  • BPO Companies: Small to medium-sized businesses prefer outsourcing such tasks to a trustworthy BPO company that provides social media services.

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