Trusted Production Houses Offers Tips In Creating A Captivating Video

Video has always been regarded as the bright, shiny, and promising thing in the Middle East business marketing arena. With its excellent potential in helping businesses grow, choosing to work with the leading production houses in the Middle East has become the trend for most business owner looking for the best and most productive way to business growth.

Researches and studies has been conducted and the result has shown 影片製作報價 that video is one of the most essential platform to spreading the word about a company’s brand as well as sharing the messages to your target market. Visual presentation is an effective way in terms of brand recognition. In fact, Forbes stated that 59 percent of executives prefer to consume information by watching a video rather than reading text. Furthermore, 65 percent of executives, after watching a video visits the website of the brand, while 33 percent call the vendor.

Of course, in able to succeed in such campaign, partnering with the most reliable production houses is important. This is mainly because video will only produce results depending on how you use it. Here are tips that will allow you to create captivating videos:

The story – One of the main aspects you need to give focus to is your story. The biggest mistake you can do is to use hard sell approach as these kinds of approaches turns most people off. Storytelling approach on the other hand will always work in getting your audience’s interest through an emotional level.

Audience-centric – Be audience-centric. This will become an advantage for you as most of your audiences will be interested in watching your video if they speak their language and cater to their interests. Depending on the type or style of the video you want to product, you can employ the services of a casting agency and hire someone who has great experience that can deliver your message in a clear, professional and compelling manner.

Aiming for a targeted exposure – of course, one of the most important factor you will need to address is choosing the right channels to broadcast your video. Today, with the increasing number of individuals inclined in using the internet instead of watching the television, businesses are recommended to distribute their videos online as it offers more leverage. Placed on a landing page, it can help increase your conversion rates by 80 percent. Additionally, making it easily accessible via mobile will make it easier for visitors to share it with their contacts – the increase has been shown to reach up to 92 percent.


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