World of Warcraft Money Making Guide

I can certainly understand your interest in a WoW money making guide. Money, gold rather, is an item of much distinction and a necessity in World of Warcraft. Need that new potion? That will be five, maybe even seventy to eighty, gold pieces, please. Browsing the auction house? Take a look at all those lovely items in there, things you’d kill to get, (and might actually end up doing just that.) I would even go so far as to call making money one of the core functions/parts of the game, necessary to fully enjoy it. Obviously, some level sixty-five players might take pleasure in that old rusty platemail from level fifty, but not I.

Truly, if you wish to proceed at an enjoyable rate of play throughout your levels and dungeons, new equipment, and by association the gold to purchase it, is a requirement. Have no fear though, getting that gold is exactly what I am going to tell you how to do here. Many methods  Buy wow gold of achieving those high monetary sums are restricted to the higher levels, not all thankfully, but a good number.

The first method I recommend for making gold in WoW can be used by practically anyone from level one to seventy, a useful all-around method you might want to check on if you happen to make a new character, as well. Funding that latest pet project of yours with gold also earned by that specific character is much more fun than emptying another characters coffers for it.

One of the most important and easy to practice methods of making Warcraft gold is through trade skills, not those gold munching crafting skills either, but rather the less intensive gathering variety: mining, skinning, and herbalism to be exact. All three of these can roll in the gold quite efficiently if you set a good pace with them. All of these are also best done as a side project while grinding. I exclude crafting, because crafting skills require a lot of gold to achieve. You have to spend a lot of gold to buy the materials to craft items from. (This is a perfect illustration of the old adage it takes money to make money.)

Grinding is a major, simple, and quite boring method of gaining money. The gathering skills, while increasing your gold per hour, do not do anything to alleviate your boredom. That is where the helpful practice of listening to music or watching a movie on your computer is put into play. Despite its previously mentioned faults, grinding is one of the best (and more importantly) risk-free methods. Risk is something you may encounter in the following method.

A second method, playing the AH (Auction House,) is for higher levels and such. Usually you can garner enough gold to make it successful in a reasonably short time period. It is, however, still effective with lower level characters on a lower money scale, allowing you, perhaps, to build up to the big ranks over time.


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